50+ Images to Choose from - Custom Name Stamp for Adults and Kids! Self Inking Name Stamper. Change Your Font Too! Children’s Signature Stamper, School Sport or Library Book Label.

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Self Inking Name Stamp for Adults Kids and Teachers.100% USA MadeNaming their work, Children to Name School Books, Library Books, Sign off Letters or Year Books.Can be used as a Custom Signature Stamp; Personalized Signature Stamp; Label Property such as Art Work, Sports Notices, Signing Artwork - School Books - Year BooksPickled Stamps offer a variety of designs, color choice and type of Stampers. The ink should last up to 25,000 impressions or more.All of our stamps are made in the USA and sent ASAP.We work hard on quality checks, fast delivery and pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry. Some options Alligator Armadillo Bambi Barn House Bear Beaver Bird Butterfly Camel Cat Sitting Cat Cattle Cheetah Face Cheetah Running_ Chicken Dinosaur Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Apatosaurus aka Brontosaurus Dinosaur Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Pterodactyl Dinosaur Spinosaurus Dinosaur Stegosaurus Dinosaur T-Rex Dinosaur Triceratops Dog Standing Dog Dolphin Dragon DragonFly Duck Eagle Elephant Flamingo Fox - Sitting Fox - Small Fox - Standing Tall Fox Frog Goat Gorilla Hedgehog Hippo Horse Jaguar Stalking Kangaroo Kitten Lion Lizzard Llama with a Bowtie Llama Monarch Butterfly Monkey with Flower Monkey Moose Mouse Owl Panther Parrot Paw Print Pig Platypus Porcupine Rabbit Racoon - Drawn Racoon Rhino Sea Lion with Ball Shark Snake Squirrel - Drawn Squirrel Stag Sting Ray Tiger Turkey Turtle Unicorn Whale Wolf Yak Zebra