BEE Bookmarks - (Set of 20 Book Markers) Bulk Animal Bookmarks for Students, Kids, Teens, Girls & Boys. Ideal for Reading incentives, Birthday Favors, Reading Awards and Classroom Prizes!

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BEE BOOKMARKS.....Clip, mark & organize with our fun animal bookmarks! Each plastic bookmark easily clips over the page to secure your place. Use as a bookmark or a paper clip to secure your place & keep you on track until you return. Sets of 20 bookmarks make ideal incentives, classroom rewards, student and class appreciation gifts or a fun giveaway at your next function. Perfect teachers gift for her students! Awesome library & book swag and super cool party favors. QUICK AND EASY INSPIRATION & REWARDS! It has been proven that one of the best motivators for good behavior is using incentives and rewards. Our Bookmarks make an affordable, fun, and effective reward all ages! Whether at home or at school, our bookmarks work as powerful prizes for kids, teens, students and adults! Practical & educational gifts for young readers, kids, teens, boys, girls and all ages! Perfect giveaway item for your read-a-thon or story time. PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES! Who doesn’t like rewarded, right?! It’s almost impossible not to smile when you receive a gift to encourage reading! Our bookmarks for teens, adults & kids are a sure fire way to encourage inspiration, school spirit and reading! Ideal for student incentives, summer reading programs, vacation bible school awards, reading rewards, student prizes, teacher give-a-ways, business promotions and classroom rewards. Bookmarks make great gifts and stocking stuffers! …. Our cool bookmarks actually get everyone excited to read and use them to mark their spot! SOOOO MANY USES: Check out all of our other cute adorable animal bookmarks at our storefront – Bee Ladybug Dragonfly Butterfly Frog Lizard Bookworm Alligator Sea Turtle Dolphin Seahorse Octopus Bear Panda Monkey Penguin Bookmarks. Motivational bookmarks, quote bookmarks, inspirational bookmarks, affirmation bookmarks, summer reading program bookmarks and many more. Bookmarks can be fun gifts to children, students and readers of all ages!