Colore #2 Pencils With Eraser Tops - HB Graphite/No 2 Yellow Wood Pencil Great School Art Supplies For Writing, Drawing & Sketching - Suitable For Kids & Adults - 144 Count

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Size: 144 Count


Are you looking for a large collection of high quality pencils that is affordable and reliable? Then buy this MEGA PACK of 144 Yellow Pencils with Eraser tops from COLORE today!

COLORE Yellow Pencils are offered in an extremely affordable bulk pack containing a total of 12 Sets of 12 pencils each set (144 pencils in total). These high quality pencils are manufactured for use in a variety of places such as; schools, offices and home. They are perfect for artistic use or general writing use.

Each pencil sharpens to a fine and well-rounded point to help bring out accurate details when used. The simple design of these pencils showcases a very streamlined edge which makes the pencils easier and much comfortable to hold even for longer hours. The unique U-profiled design can help kids learn how to improve or master their pencil grasp and promote better handling.

All 144 pencils are ergonomically designed to be easy to use, anti-fatigue and extremely efficient for kids and adults alike. Each pencil contained in this MEGA Pack is manufactured from genuine poplar wood with a latex-free eraser top for seamless cleaning or smudge removal.

Do not complete your back to school or office supply list today without adding this MEGA Pack of conventional Yellow pencils with Latex free eraser tops to the top of your shopping list.

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