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❤How to use the pen?
Twist/ rotate the pen tip part. The pen point will reach out and be fixed.
The pen tip will not retreat or sink back into the pen shell during writing.
When you finish writing, just rotate it towards another direction.
The pen tip will be unlocked and retract into the pen shell.

❤Are they attractive and cutest?
There is a big sparkling diamond attached on top of the colorful metal ballpoint pen.
The unique design and exquisite workmanship make your diamond pens look beautiful, cute, bling-bling, gorgeous and attractive!

❤Are they ballpoint pens or gel pens?
They are ballpoint pens in black ink.

❤Will the diamond pens run out of ink quickly after a few uses?
All our cartridges are filled up with ink, which supports long-term use.
They will not run out of ink easily.

❤What is the size of the ballpoint? Are they medium point or fine point?
The size of the ballpoint is 0.7mm, medium point.

❤Can the diamond pens be refilled?
Yes. Our diamond pens are equipped with international standard black color ink, which can be refilled easily.
You can also change any other colors of ink.
The pens should be refilled with specific cartridge model.

❤How to replace the ink cartridge?
Just 3 steps.
1.Pull apart the pen shaft from the middle;
2.Unscrew the grooved black end of the ink cartridge;
3.Screw a refill in.

❤Will the paint peel off after long-term use?
No. By virtue of excellent painting technique, our diamond pens will still shine like the first day even they have been used for a long period of time.

❤Do these diamond pens write smoothly?
Of course.
Our diamond pens write smoothly, provide define lines, reduce skipping and do not leave blobs or globs on your writing.

do not leave blobs or globs.