Digital Energy DE Kinetic Educational Spring Toy - Multi Sensory Interactive 3D Shaped Flow Ring

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Color: Silver

The DE Kinetic Spring Toy brings joy to Kids & Adults around the world. Made from a single strand of durable metal, the toy can be used in many ways. One way our customers are using this toy is by rolling it down from one arm to their other arm in one motion. Another way is running it through a flexible tube which will cause the toy to take off! Some customers are also using it as a dancing prop! Think a fidget spinner had you thinking? The Flow Ring will have your creativity through the roof while reducing your stress :) What comes in the box: One DE Kinetic Educational Spring Toy One pouch to hold your toy.


Q: How exactly does this thing work? Does the metal band like roll or something this thing is confusing, not even my science teacher can explain this

A: It simply rolls down your arm. Think of it as a Slinky with the two ends stuck together.

Q: Can it break?

A: Only if you decide to cut it or crush it. Please don’t waste your time trying to cut it.

Q: How do you make it collapse?

A: Press both sides while turning your hands slightly. You'll be able to control the way the flow ring collapses.

Q: I see people playing with it with a hula hoop and I was wondering how I can do that?

A: Cut the hula hoop, slide the flow ring on, then tape the hula hoop back together.

Q: I’m worried about it rusting? Can you ensure it won’t?

A: No, the flow ring will not rust