Emoji Erasers, 60-Pack Fun Cute Pencil Erasers for Kids, Great for Rewards, Party Favors, Birthdays, School Prizes, Classroom Incentives or Gifts for Teachers

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Product Description

Welcome to the LiveEco Green Team

Here at LiveEco, we are passionate about bringing fun and excitement to children! We aim to help provide lasting memories for children of all ages to cherish for a lifetime. Whether it’s for their birthday party or for achieving an exciting milestone in their childhood. We are determined to provide premium quality, environment friendly emoji supplies that can have a lasting impression on your child. You can feel pride knowing that our erasers are made from recycled materials during manufacturing and contain zero toxic materials.   Mistakes are Welcome Here Unfortunately, most children are afraid to make mistakes, so they don’t want to try new things. Most of us are afraid to fail, and so we get stuck in our comfort zone. Which can limit our learning and our unlimited potential. We would love for your children to feel comfortable trying new things, and to make mistakes and learn from them. That is a powerful skill that leads to success! As your child enjoys using their fun emoji-faced erasers, they will have their own personal mini-supporters smiling back them encouraging them to laugh at mistakes and to try again until they succeed. These friendly emoji faces on their erasers will help prevent them from getting frustrated or upset when mistakes happen. Since smiles are contagious, our funny emoji erasers will help your child smile and stay positive through their homework or exams. And what’s even more awesome is the non-toxic material we used to make our LiveEco erasers will also ensure they can completely erase the mistake on the paper. No need to worry about smears or black pencil smudges afters. Our emoji erasers erase it clean. Every time.