Funny Office Gifts - Doggy Moodycards! Great Cubicle Accessories - Make Everyone Laugh with These Lovable Pets -Hilarious Dog Pictures Tells Everyone How You Feel - Fun, Hilarious, Useful & Adorable

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Product Description

Doggone it these are great!

Have you ever looked at a dog’s expression and thought “that’s exactly how I feel!”. So have I. That’s how the dog moodycards came about. Whether my dog is resting on the couch or out for a walk, his facial expressions always made me laugh! I wanted to share this with my friends and colleagues.

The cards became an instant hit at my office and they will be at yours as well. Lighten the mood with these adorable dog moodycards.

Ruff day at the office? Cheer up!

The great thing about the dog moodycards is that they will bring a smile to your face, no matter what kind of day you’re having. Spread the joy around the office with these delectable dog moodycards.

They are also hilarious! Not just meant to cheer you up, but meant to make you LOL! You and your office mates will have a tremendous time flipping the cards!

Your office will go mutts for these!

With 24 different cards/pictures, there’s a mood for everyone in the office. From the new guy to the boss, everybody can relate to these funny dog cards.

And don’t forget about your customers and clients! Greet them with a funny dog card and instantly put a smile on their faces and make them at ease.

Buy a few extra sets and when your clients rave about them, you’ll have some to give out! What a way to close a deal!

Join the Bark Side

These cards are perfect for any office that likes to have good, clean fun with each other. Sneakily switch your colleagues card to something hilarious and watch their reaction! Go ahead and change your own to one of the many hysterical options! Your whole office will love it!

A close-knit office is a productive office. These cards are perfect for bosses to hand out to employees to allow them to have some fun, share some laughs and bring them closer together.