Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - 25 Oz Sports Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod and Insulating Sleeve Combo Set + 27 Fruit Infused Water Recipes eBook Gift - Your Healthy Hydration Made Easy

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Why choosing the Hydracy 25oz bottle is the best gift for your health and your loved ones this year:

Boosting fat burning and weight loss, improving the mood, immune and digestive systems, feeling rejuvenated and experiencing increased energy levels,... the benefits of drinking more water are numerous and well documented but too often ignored.

At last! Adopting your healthy drinking habit has been made easy and...yummy! Take control of your hydration and create your own natural fruit, veggie and herbs based refreshing detox infused water.
Following months of research we came out with the best and unique solution on the market already praised by thousands of happy customers:

Innovative leak proof locking solution ensuring 100% Seal: spill-proof/no leak guaranteed!
No-Sweat insulated Cover to keep your bottle DRY Outside and COLD Inside!
Carry Handle and finger Grips on Both Sides, Fits in Most Car and Bike Holders
2-1: use as a striking Stand Alone Water Bottle by simply removing your infuser basket
Made with FDA Food Grade Tritan 100% BPA Free : safe for you to use over and over and better for the environment
Complimentary "Starter guide and 25 delicious recipes" eBook and Lifetime Guarantee

Everyday many men, women, adults and kids have fun creating their own delicious recipes. Soon enough, they bring their 25 ounce Hydracy bottle with them everywhere: at school or the office and for any sport and outdoor activities.

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