I've Been Flipped Positive Greeting Cards/Motivational Notes from Teacher to Student Gifts for the classroom. 36 Mini Flips 6 different designs. 3" x 3" inch. Envelopes Included. Teachers Supplies.

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"I've Been Flipped" flat(post card style) greeting cards are environmentally friendly and fun. 36 MINI FLIP designs are just like our regular size cards except they come in a portable and compact 3x3 inch size. This Colorful bulk set of note cards for Teachers to give to their students for affirmation and encouragement are suitable for high school students in grades ninth,tenth,eleventh and twelfth. They're also appropriate for middle school students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. This awesome set of cards are a school teacher's dream! FLIP cards are brief, uplifting messages that are small enough to hand to a student while being discreet. Each card is a breath of encouraging air that reminds your students that they are valued, noticed, and that someone really cares about their progress. Sturdy paper bag mini Envelopes are included as well as a cloth, keepsake bag, to keep cards organized and safe. This essential gift set has thought of everything by also including a "Cards Given List" to keep track of all inspirational cards shared with students, parents and co-workers. Let's not forget that this essential, creative teacher's incentive tool would make a lovely gift for that Math, Science,English, History or Biology teacher to have handy to give to their pupils in elementary, middle and high school settings. Parent's Night and Teacher Conferences will never be the same with these thoughtful appreciation cards...you'll be the envy of them all!