Kings in the Corner - The Traditional Gameplay of Solitaire with a Twist, for the Whole Family!

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Kings go in the corners. Play your cards like Solitaire and extend your turn as long as you can. Can't make a single play Pay the pot. First to empty your hand You win the pot. . . plus your opponents' point chips for their unplayed cards! Reach 100 points and you win the game!

Here's a fittingly regal version of the classic card game of royal sequencing, accentuated with a durable plastic folding play tray and scoring chips. Players play cards, in descending order and alternating color, on any exposed card in the tray. The object is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Haven't got a black queen to play on that red king, or a red seven for that black eight, Your Highness? Well, draw a card from the deck--and toss a chip into the royal treasury while you're at it! Get rid of all your cards and collect the pot--including one chip for every card remaining in opponents' hands. First to 100 wins. When it comes to fast-paced fun for your whole royal family, Kings in the Corner by Jax is wild! --Tony Mason

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