My Scratch Offs Scratch-Off Card Prizes for Kids, Teacher Supplies for The Classroom (50 Pack)

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Product Description

It can be difficult to find creative ways to motivate students of any age. Whether you teach first grade, middle school, or night classes to adults, you’ll love this innovative way to incentivize your students to work hard and do their best when learning inside and outside of the classroom.

If you teach young children, this scratch-off prize can help to reinforce fine motor skills. Because you are able to customize your cards, the possibilities are endless!

This scratch-off set has a fun designs that easily cross from one age group to another. Each order comes with 50 cards, 25 metallic silver &/or 25 metallic gold scratch-off stickers (or 50 Silver), and a fine-point permanent marker. Each card is 3” x 4” and is professionally printed on quality, thick cardstock.

To personalize your cards, simply write the name of the prize in the white circle on the card with your permanent marker. Then, place the scratch-off sticker over the words to keep them hidden until your student reveals the message. To scratch off the scratch off film, your students will need something to use as a scratcher tool. They can use a plastic chip from My Scratch Offs or they can use a penny to reveal their exciting prize.You can reward students with extra time at recess, a fun toy, or no homework.

Scratch-offs are a fun way to get everyone involved in the classroom and are a great tool for motivating your students. Set goals, play games, create fun classroom competitions, or reward students that have gone above and beyond. They will love this unique way of receiving a prize. Get a set of teacher reward scratch-off cards from My Scratch Offs today!

Round, silver scratch-off stickers stuck on 2 fingers with text: Create It, Reveal It!

At My Scratch Offs, we pride ourselves on making quality products that can be used at class parties, family get-togethers, or business events. We have scratch-offs and lottery tickets for every holiday, gender-reveal parties, classroom events, wedding favors, holiday parties, and more! All of our cards are made in the USA!