Self Inking Rubber Stamp with up to 4 Lines of Custom Text (42A1848)

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Product Description

1 one line address return stamp custom personalized 3 three line address home business return stamp 4 four line apartment suite home address stamp 5 five line address business accounts payable 2 two ounce oz stamp refill ink bottle tube cartridge
1-Line Custom Rubber Stamp 3-Line Custom Rubber Stamp 4-Line Custom Rubber Stamp 5-Line Custom Rubber Stamp 2 oz. Premium Stamp Refill Ink
Stamp Model A-1539 A-1539 A-1848 A-2359 -
Impression Size 9/16" x 1-1/2" 9/16" x 1-1/2" 11/16" x 1-7/8" 15/16" x 2-3/8" -
Number of Lines 1 Line Up to 3 Lines Up to 4 Lines Up to 5 Lines -
Self-Inking -
Replacement Ink Pad B004H2QCMM B004H2QCMM B004RCV3GC B004RCXIDS -